Movies and more movies – Ratatouille, Chak De India, Finding Nemo, Happy Feet, Shrek 3

Well as you can see with the titles above – there is a greater slant towards animation.  I should say that today …………..animated movies have a bigger share of the movie market pie than yesterday.  

Shrek 3 was OK ………..didn’t live up to the expectations from Shrek 1 or 2.  Happy Feet was good because of the quality of the animation and it because it kept reminding me of ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagul’.  Finding Nemo …………although a bit exaggerated touched a chord because of the father-son relationship and I would rate it as very good.  Ratatouille was excellent – albiet a bit exaggerated.  I thoroughly enjoyed it …………..and again it reminded me of ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagul’ ……………………follow your heart!!! Also it talked about food ………….for which I feel a lot!!!!! 😉 One should also notice the quality of the animation was different in Finding Nemo as compared to Happy Feet and even different in Ratatouille.  Of all the three the quality was superb in Happy Feet.

The Rat

Chak De India was super good.  I loved it.  My dislike of cricket and football and the liking which I have towards hockey – right from my schooling days ……………….added to it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I guess this is Shah Rukhs second attempt at patriotism after Swadesh.  This movie is not just about a girls hockey team.  It talks about religious, gender and regional discrimination which we face all the time. 

The way SRK’s character gets discriminated because he is a Muslim …………..keeps reminding me of the backend talk which I keep hearing from a lot of quarters that Muslims in India ‘as a whole’ cannot be trusted and the ratio of people with unpatriotic feelings is far higher than those who truly are good and feel for the common good (I don’t believe in it).


One thought on “Movies and more movies – Ratatouille, Chak De India, Finding Nemo, Happy Feet, Shrek 3

  1. Happy to see u blog after long time. I wanted to watch Chak de but time did not permit, more over i am some what tensed as the delivery date is getting nearer. Everybody is saying the movie is good it is been a very long time i watched a good movie. I also liked Swades more because of Sharukh is acting was excellent and he was looking fabulous in the movie.
    Mistrust of Muslims have increased. I think the world upset with increasing Jihadi elements is targetting all Muslims it more of helplessness that makes people exihibit such behaviour. I think the biggest victim of all this is are the Muslims themselves who is facing the worlds wrath.

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