Life is always a mix of pleasure, joy, happiness, sorrow, pain, agony, depression, fun etc. At any one moment we feel life is one of these – based on what is happening around us and what we see in it. For me life is depressive today. My close friends cousin died. She was …i use the term ‘killed’ by the Indian medical system. She apparently had burns due to gas leakage in the kitchen and when her husband rushed her to various hospitals …..they refused to take her in thinking it was some marital problem and fearing a police case. She was admitted to the Victoria burns unit ….after her husband bribed someone there. Later she was moved to St.Johns as Victoria was extremely unhygenic with rats and rodents moving around in the burns unit!!! In St.Johns they killed her with delayed first aid and insufficient care. She was all of 25 years with a 2 and a half year old kid. You can read my friends blog ….link to the right from “Hemus blog”.

Later in the evening I was seeing a program on world refugees …on CNN – and it was truly depressive. There were kids in squalour and ill health. Couldn’t see it beyond a point.

Life is so vulnerable and in a snap of a finger …so much could change. Besides we take so much for granted. I could be living here in Chennai, South India – with a decent job and life could be moving on. But one fine day – things could change …a war, famine, epidemic, water shortage, tsunami, floods etc. We could be forcibly shaken from this pleasant reverie ….shaken badly and perhaps nowhere to go!!!! God forbid it. We take technology for granted and always feel it could save us … but we never know what could strike us when and how.

On the pleasant side of things – I had been to Bangalore to attend my cousins wedding and it was so much fun. Bangalore ….although crowded …………is certainly a beautiful city. Was on NH7 (Bellary Road) and its turned out real good after the changes it has had. Took some photos at the wedding, my home, my inlaws place and at Ritus place.  Also been to Rashmi’s place …but missed taking the camera with me.  You can check out the photos here:


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