Our Nation!!!

Its quite alarming.   We have bomb blasts all over the nation, naxalites killing the police adn civilians.  Caste conflagrations boiling over.  What’s happening!!?? I’m bewildered and unsure of the future of where do we go from here.

First it was the Hyderabad bombings of Mecca Masjid (which is very close to Charminar) and then the Gorakhpur bombings followed by the Guwahati ULFA bombings.  Later we had the naxalites attacking a government building in Chattisgarh.  All this happened on subsequent days.  The worst of it all was the Gujjar community problem and their conflict with the Meena community.   The magnitude is simply bewildering.  Could you imagine the city of Bangalore/Mysore blocked of all entry and exit points by the Vokkaligas who are demanding for their rights and then followed by a horde of 50 thousand to 60 thousand Lingayats descending on the city from all over Karnataka to finish off the Vokkaliga leadership and their 10-20 thousand Vokkaliga followers.  Its simply unimaginable and God forbid that never happen.   But that is precisely what we are witnessing in Jaipur/Dausa and the surrounding cities of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida affected by it.  The army had to be called in to prevent the 50 thousand Meenas who were marching to Dausa (the head city of the Gujjars) to finish off the Gujjars.  All this in the name of reservation. 

The Supreme Court has rightly commented stating that reservation is like a walking stick for the weak to lean on and gain strength.  After they gain their footing and strength – the stick should be rightfully taken back – otherwise the very same set of people would use the stick to beat others – which is precisely what is happening between the Meenas and the Gujjars.

Its high time that we as a nation relooked at ourself and the precise need for reservation and how to implement it in future.  Reservation and the rise of the naxalites are two sides of the same coin.  At the core is the definition of who really constitutes the truly downtrodden and backward and what precisely needs to be done to bring up their stock.  In this respect we have not matured as a nation.  In fact the decades of reservation have so strongly tied our hands politically that we even shirk to relook at the reservation issue.

I have always been a supporter of reservation.  I do not advocate total removal of reservation – all that I would like to see is a relook at it and redefine how we should proceed and with what limits. 

Last but not the least we had the issue of the Dera Sacha Sauda chief donning the garb of Guru Gobind Singh.  The action although pretty innocuous – seemed to provoke the Sikh clergy into conflict mode.  The root reason seems to be electoral politics rather than real concern for the Sikh way of life (as the Dera chief had donned the same robes earlier and no one noticed).  The conflict was waiting to happen and the donning of the robes was just an excuse for  the Sikh clergy to attack the Dera premis.  Religious intolerance …. nothing else.


3 thoughts on “Our Nation!!!

  1. Everybody have a right to protest but the manner of protest should be such that it should not harm others only then the right of protest is justified. Burnig public vehicle blocking highways is barbaric and is not justified at any cost.

    Gujjars are not at wrong while asking to include their caste under SC though the law does not allow addition of new caste under SC & ST category. I believe Meena’s have no right to protest against inclusion of Gujjar’s under SC Category. No community have rights to protest against granting of privileges to other community enjoyed by them this clearly shows the way caste politics played by us.

    Recent bomblast at mecca masjit was regrettable but what happened aftermath was more regrettable. The maintaing peace is responsibility of all the citizens including minorities and the general public should make sure that communal harmony is maintained at all cost.

  2. The right to protest is very fundamental for a vibrant democracy.

    The Gujjar protests started due to instigations by political leaders like Sachin (son of Rajesh Pilot, who is a Gujjar). Gujjar’s constitute 12% of Rajasthan’s population. They are relatively well off people, and by no way qualify for a “ST” tag. The irony is that, the cause for these protests is not for reservations in government jobs or in educational institutes. Before the next parliamentary elections, there is a reorganization process scheduled under which certain constituencies will be reserved for SC/STs. And it was certain that Dausa from where Sachin is elected would come under reserved constituencies and he would no longer be able to contest from there. Same was with many Gujjar dominated areas.

    Its a shame that Sachin a graduate of Warton was involved in these things.

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