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Well so I moved here. Its been close to a month of not blogging and pretty frankly life gets boring without blogging. My old blog is

On the way here I saw a couple of new movies. The best of them was ‘Bommarillu’ a telugu movie. The screenplay was exceptionally good and so was the characterisation and dialogues which were strong. Then I saw Spiderman-3 which was pathetic. Parzania was kinda okay – a good story though. Then I saw the Kannada oldie – Sathya Harishchandra. I had the fresh vcd with me which I had bought from the totalkannada store in Jayanagar many days back. I hadn’t unpacked it. I wanted to see the song ‘Mathadalli mael yaavudo’ and ended up seeing the rest of the movie. The screenplay was strong here as well.

One thing which I wanted to say was that these days when I see movies where kids are affected in the story – it kinda makes me feel real sad. And I’m not alone here. My b-i-l (brother-in-law for the uninitiated) was saying the same thing. Parzania was a bit like it – where Parzan is lost and killed and the family suffers after that. The death of Lohitesh and the affect it has on Harishchandra and his wife – was moving. I can imagine why this movie was so immensely popular back then in the 50’s.

Hey btw. I met someone online – a guy called Vedu whose blog is pretty interesting. A lot of his interests are so damn similar to mine.

Well here we are on this Saturday me chilling out – sleeping all the way till 11:00 am and then I sent back the servant as I had the choice. Like Neo in Matrix makes a choice of taking the red pill – I had a choice. The choice was either to let the servant in and monitor her while losing my sleep – or send her back home and go back to sleep. So I chose the latter. 🙂 Sounds like a choice of life and death. Forgive me if you couldn’t laugh – as I’m not too good at making jokes. If you could laugh – then either you have a poor sense of humour or I have come up in life!!!!!!!

For now I don’t have much more to post. Let see where the rest of the saturday and sunday take me. Its already 2:00 pm and I’m still having my brunch while seeing SS Music on the tele and simultaneously blogging here.

Well my beja isn’t ideating anymore and my ramblings for now is kinda over. Seeya later.


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