The bane of telemarketing calls

Since my days in Phoenix – around 9 years back (close to a decade – whoa!!! how fast time flies) I have been bothered by telemarketing calls. In the days of being a fresher – we used to wait for such calls – to practice our abusing skills!!! Then as we matured in the industry – we just politely cut them short and told them that we aren’t interested. There are those persistent ones who would ask us – why weren’t we interested – we might as well try their product – its free you know!!!

Then there are those calls – where they wouldn’t even know who they were calling. When we ask them who do they want to speak to – they cheekily reply – they don’t know – and that this is a random call. There are those who call up the office and try every extension in a sequence. The worst of them are the ones who don’t know how to speak in English – and default to Tamil (this is more so in Chennai). When we reply in English – they try to pull up a colleague or make a valiant attempt to speak in half baked English. Some even cut the call when we start speaking in English.

While some don’t know what they are supposed to speak – they just make those random calls. On closer interrogation they say that they will put the marketing person across to us. When we persist and ask them why they don’t know that answer – they give some cheeky reply.

Amidst all this there is news of setting up a NDNC (National Do-Not-Call) directory with a fine of upto Rs.1000 – I doubt this will work in India as the question remains of how effectively the fines get levied and implemented. Anyway if such a thing were to happen – I certainly wouldn’t register in the directory until its effectiveness is proved in India.

This just reminds me of the movie ‘Traffic Signal’ where one of the goons is constantly pestered by these telemarketing guys. He actually invites them over after reaching a point of exasperation. He later strips them to their jocks and gives them a sound beating. I’m sure this is what most of us feel and the director has just given vent to the frustration of many people who get annoyed by these unwanted calls. There is a similar scene in the movie ‘Delhi Heights’ which I incidentally saw over the weekend. There is this lady telemarketer who ends up getting a series of kisses from the frustrated customer – who forces her to hangup. Telemarketers can get abused anyway and I guess there isn’t anything wrong about abusing them. Some might say that its a question of their livelihood. But I don’t wanna get unwanted calls because someone’s livelihood is at stake.


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