The admission by Gen. David Petraeus who is taking care of Iraq from the US Army side : has admitted that it is only a political solution which will see Iraq coming out of this mess. A military solution is not the answer.

In the beginning when Iraq was invaded – I kinda supported the US. But then later came the realization that the invasion was W-R-O-N-G . The reasons for going into Iraq were also all cock-and-bull. There were just no WMD. Now the US is raising the same rhetoric on Iran. Britain is pulling out its troops from there ……….and so are so many others. The US is stuck there ………….. and in a way they are repaying for the mistake of going in there.

The attached pic is of the TL who works under me. He is drinking from a pitcher of beer.


3 thoughts on “Iraq

  1. Yes Britain Prime Minister payed badly for the invansion he has no way of getting elected to power but for Bush it is this hard stance that keeping him in power and in popularity list. Yes American economy is feeling the tremble but who cares like all politicians around the world they are only concerned to keep them and their party in power. Did BJP think about after effects before felling Babri masjit?

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