Kashmir and the way Indians are screwing them

I have said this earlier – at times I’m ashamed to be Indian.  What’s happening in Kashmir brings back strong memories of Maachis and the Punjab which was made to heel and terrorism was expelled from there.  

But the killing of innocent civilians in the name of promotions and statistics – is SIMPLY UNFORGIVABLE.  If the government is truly genuine – they will HANG the perpetrators.  It is simply unforgivable.  


One thought on “Kashmir and the way Indians are screwing them

  1. You are absolutely right how can some body kill for the sake of promotions? Only demons can do that. Such kind of people can do anything for their good they should be immediately expelled from the service and stringent action should be taken on them. It is this kind of people who sell our secrets to other neighboring nations.

    Such acts by few peoples brings disrespect to the nation and even to the morale of our forces who are battling out weather and other adversities under most testing conditions in the world. Terrorist would use this to advance their cause and to heighten the tension in the region.

    My condolence goes to the families of the victims no amount of compensation can bring back their loss.

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