Christmas – time for reflection

I was reading this article in the newspaper where a Christian was thinking out loud. What she said was that Christ was born in a cave ….away from comfort, santa claus, fancy crowns. He was born in the midst of hay, sheep and in a cave. So where does this leave the fancy cribs of today, a chubby santa claus with a gift for you, the cakes, savouries etc. Christmas should be the time to reflect on humility and forgiveness (the core message of Christ).

Away from humility and forgiveness – I have a poser for readers. This is the scenario: You know that doing something is right and if by doing it someone else might get offended do you do it or not. And the fact that someone else gets ‘offended’ has a very strong shade of discrimination against the ‘right’ of yours – what do you do? Do you ‘not’ do your ‘right’ because it might ‘hurt’ the someone else. But if you do not do your right – you are implicitly acknowledging the discrimination which is masquerading as ‘being offended’.

Now the next scenario : You go to the someone else’s house and try to do your ‘right’ – then are you fighting against their discrimination or are you discriminating against them by trying to impose your ‘right’ on them (now don’t you think that is wrong).

Now the third scenario: How about if someone else came to your house and told you that you should not do your right because they are getting offended. Therein they are trying to impose their beliefs on you. So the conclusion is that you follow your right in your house and allow them to follow their right (or wrong) in their house.

Tolerance is the keyword ………….where you tolerate the right or wrong of others in the context that is justified and limited to. Are you tolerating something /are you adjusting to something ………..or in reality are you acknowledging and giving in to discrimination. What is it?

I was reading an article on the komodo dragon and how some of them self fertilized in a zoo. This has lot of people startled in how a large species could self fertilize. This will add a chapter to a book i have on Superhumans. This takes me back to the honors programme of Dr.Mehboob which I used to attend when I was in college. There we had a discussion one day on ‘immaculate conception’ – how women could become ‘pregnant’. There have been cases of deformed foetuses being born and not seeing the light of the day because they are unfertilized. Perhaps Jesus Christ was one such and maybe he was the rare instance where he lived to see the end of the day. Interesting. Maybe we don’t know it all!!!!

Indeed Christmas is the time to reflect, recollect and pray – rather than just feast and make merry. I don’t have any pictures to post today – I just wish I had.


ನಿಮ್ಮದೊಂದು ಉತ್ತರ

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