My personal beliefs – 2

Okay ….my last one was some of my core beliefs.  Now to go on with a few subsidiary beliefs.

1. Beauty
     Nature with its awsome spaces, hugeness, oceans, mountains, sky, clouds are aspects of beauty.  I have this strange habit of halting wherever and admiring the clouds and their beautiful shapes.  I used to think that people do this.  It was only in Melbourne that Navin commented that this is a strange habit of mine ……….and only then did I realize.  But I’ve stuck to it and I still do it.  Not just clouds ……..trees are another thing which I notice.  Their hugeness and their symmetry or asymmetry.  The sense of awe and oneness which one gets by admiring nature is what I call beauty.  Another aspect is of a child, kitten or a pup ……..and their unadultered joy in their eyes ……..which in another sense connects you with the divine – IS BEAUTY.  I for one …….have never admired man-made beauty too much.  I may appreciate art works, good architecture etc. – but don’t like it too much.  For me art which connects me to nature or to the divine – is what strikes a chord.  A glaring example of this is the Sharavanabelagola Gommateshwara ………..which connects you to the serenity and internal bliss of the teerthankaras.  That is an example of good art.  I need not be a Jain to appreciate it.

2. Love .  Love is close to beauty.  It is a reflection of beauty.  Beauty is something outside and love is something which you reciprocate from inside.  

3. Detachment.  My belief is that one must always be detached from things and relations.  At any point of time one must have the capacity to leave it all and go away.  What would happen if all your dear ones just vanish or go away.  Should one shudder and break down.  No ……….life just goes on.  Just pick up the strings and move on.  Easier said than done ………..but that must be something one must work towards.  Being too involved with things, people, places ……..don’t help.  One must be there and also not be there.


ನಿಮ್ಮದೊಂದು ಉತ್ತರ

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