Its one of the new zing words making its rounds these words \’Gandhigiri\’.  I read this interesting article on Deccan Herald online today.  I wonder if its a true story and besides it says that one of the culprits \’felt ashamed and apologized\’.  I wonder if people really feel that sorry about their crimes to feel ashamed and apologize.  Read on and give me your comments.  I am not personally against or in favour of Gandhigiri.  Only I suspect that the reaction which people would give – may really not have the effect which proponents of Gandhigiri would want them to have.  Read on:


Gandhigiri works
By Vinut V Hiremath
My wife Jayashree, my mother and I, were on our way to our native place, Davangere. We boarded the Chalukya Express in the morning at Yeshwantpur in Bangalore…

I have an interesting incident to recount. It happened last week, on Saturday. My wife Jayashree, my mother and I, were on our way to our native place, Davangere. We boarded the Chalukya Express in the morning at Yeshwantpur in Bangalore. All was well until we reached Tumkur.

At Tumkur, two middle-aged men boarded the train and sat beside me. Probably they were relatives who were meeting after a long time. From their talk it looked like they were the right hand of some political guy; they were so engrossed in political talk.

They were deliberately talking loudly so that the other passengers in the compartment would know that they were influential guys. I was getting irritated listening to them. Then they bought some groundnuts and continued with their talk. I turned on my MP3 player and dozed off; I could bear to hear their talk anymore.


I woke up 45 minutes later, and found, to my horror, that the entire compartment was littered with groundnut shells.

Both of them had thrown the shells in the compartment unmindful of the other passengers’ feelings. Besides no one had even complained. I was furious. I wanted to confront them. But I knew that they wouldn’t bother about me.

At that very moment, Munnabhai and his Gandhigiri flashed in my mind. I thought, why shouldn’t I try it…! But I wanted some support. I told my wife who readily agreed to support me. So the two of us, armed with old papers and covers, started to clean the compartment….! The two men were taken aback.

One of them wanted to know what we were doing. I said, “We are cleaning the compartment because we, and the passengers who will board after us, will not want to sit in the garbage….”

The two guys were really surprised.

One of them said, “Why don’t you just push all this under the seat. I said, “No, we can’t”.

I continued with my cleaning. The other guy was ashamed. He apologised for what he had done!

When we finished our cleaning we went back to our seats.

We pretended as though nothing had happened. Both these guys then fell silent for the rest of the journey!

Friends, believe me, Gandhigiri works!

Try it.

This way maybe we can bring in a lot of change.

( The writer is a software engineer with Motorola.)

‘Lage Rago Munnabhai’ reinvented Gandhism and called it Gandhigiri, in keeping with the image of the main character Munnabhai, a local goon, in the film.

The film’s hugely popular following has several fans practising or encountering Gandhigiri in their own way.

We want you to write in about your experiences in around 400 words.

Send it to . The articles will be published in the Panorama page on September 30.


The attached picture is from Aurora polaris magnetic storms.  It has always been an unfulfilled desire in me to witness the sound and visual spectacle of an aurora storm.  Donno if I would ever get to see one.  The limitation is that you would have to be within the arctic or antartic circles to witness the spectacle. 


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