Vembudiamman Thiruvila

Okay for those who are not from Tamil Nadu – a Thiruvila simply means a car-festival of the temple deity.  Like we say Karaga-rathothsava in Kannada.  There is this temple near our house called the Vembudiamman Kovil.  This temple is more famous/infamous for the goddess opening her eyes in anger a few months back.  Don\’t know how true it is.  Anyways this picture was shot when the ratha was passing by our house.  Tamil Nadu is truly a place where people are so devout and follow so many many rituals and religious days.  Never seen this much in Bangalore.  Also there is the somewhat well known Marundeeshwarar Kovil which is a major one with a big campus.  
Talking about temples – the Kapaleeshwarar Temple has a lot of interesting sculptures on its Gopura.  The primary Gopura is very very colourful and very crowded.  We recently had been to Nanganallur Sri Anjeneya temple and the temple deity is very very tall.  Taller than our Mahalakshmi layout Anjeneya.  And it was very austere and well maintained.   

I guess people who\’ve been reading my blogs of late – may start wondering of the over emphasis on temples and Gods.  Hope you folks don\’t get bugged.


ನಿಮ್ಮದೊಂದು ಉತ್ತರ

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