Break for free

Okay what does Rajiv do when he gets a break.   Apart from catching up with pending work – he 
visits Bookshops, music stores, libraries, temples, ashrams, gardens and with his camera.  When he comes home he surfs the net, blogs, checks out mails etc.  And that to him is manna from heaven – doing things at his own pace – all by himself.  

Okay folks that\’s what I\’ve been doing since I left CTS.  I\’ve joined Satyam on 1st and haven\’t been assigned to any projects yet.  So I visited the Kapaleeshwarar temple, Ramakrishna Ashrama, Vendanta publications bookstore in mylapore, Theosophical soceity temples and gardens and their library, Landmark bookstore, Chennai central mall to do some window shopping, Odyssey bookstore where I listened to some really really rocking music from the new Don movie (they r really cool) on their listening posts.    At home I sorted out all my backup documents and mails from anzit and CTS.   This is the time to relax before the next assignment where I will have to focus on top of things.  

Also of late I\’ve been thinking of travelling to Mt.Kailash and Kedarnath.  I have to plan for it.  These are excursions which will require a lot of physical preperation and I\’ve been immensely tempted after my ex-team member – Abirami Mohanraj travelled to Kailash from the Isha group with Sw.Jaggi Vasudev.

Here are some of the photos from Theosophical soceity temple of Divine Light.  The speciality of the temple is that the Garbha-Griha just has a marble pedestel on which a black light is hung from the roof.  Damn different.  The campus also boasts a temple of Fire (Ahura Mazda) and a church.  The Ahura Mazda temple is powerful there ……………


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