Movies, life et al

For starters – I don’t have any pics to post here.  Reason being – I’ve packed all my files and am in the process of shifting them to my house system.  Surprisingly I have comparatively lesser amount of data to take back home as compared to 3 years back when I was leaving ANZ-IT.   For me of all the companies I’ve left so far – it was ANZ-IT which was the most painful.  Cognizant is a great company and someday I wish to come back here.   Cognizant is the only other company apart from ANZ-IT where I want to go back.  Phoenix (now TCS) and iNautix don’t figure at all.

Watched Tathasthu and Aksar last week.  Tathasthu is a very different kinda story but with a predictable storyline.  Aksar is an adult kinda movie and the storyline is more on the lines of “The other side of Midnight” by Sydney Sheldon – but more Indianised.  Uditi rocks in Aksar and I got the movie to see the picturisation of “Jhalak dikhlaaja” which has been doing its rounds in my mind since I returned from Delhi.  I wasn’t disappointed by the song picturisation either.  I’ve stored it in my comp.  “Nach Balliyeh” is the other song which impressed me very much from “Bunty aur Bubly”.  I didn’t like “Kajraareh Kajraareh” which is actually more popular amongst the masses. 

Appa and Mummy were here – to help me with the flat finishing.  We’re almost there with the flat and we need to pay a lot of attention to the final rounding off.  Its been an experience and the biggest lesson we’ve learnt is that “we need to be there monitoring the stuff almost throughout”.  We’ll carry this experience with us for our future home.  Some of the things have been disappointing and we were cheated by a carpenter as well. 

Work wise things are really slowing down and I’m slowly drawing myself out of things.  There is a wee bit of regret somewhere when I have to leave CTS – as its a great place to be.  So many things happening all the time and so much to learn here.  I’ve been taking feedback from all my team members about myself.  There are so many small things which we don’t think about at all – which people under us are able to keenly perceive.  I want to write so much here.  But maybe I’ll do it some other time.  That’s it for now.  Ta


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