Hamas and HSBC

Well the Hamas finally recognized Israel after all that international arm-twisting and then the Israeli soldier got kidnapped – followed by that knee-jerk over reaction by the Israelis. Israel is threatening to take back Gaza. Let’s see how things evolve. There is the below piece of data theft from HSBC. Things haven’t improved in the BPO industry after the last scam. Pretty ‘typical’ of the way things work in India I guess – scam or no scam – we don’t seem to change.

HSBC data thief got Rs 4,000 per deal

By Bala Chauhan DH News Service Bangalore:

HSBC staffer Nadeem Kashmiri who has been arrested for data theft, reportedly “received a commission” of Rs 4,000 for every fraudulent transaction that he committed at the “behest” of his accomplices in the UK.

HSBC staffer Nadeem Kashmiri who has been arrested for data theft, reportedly “received a commission” of Rs 4,000 for every fraudulent transaction that he committed at the “behest” of his accomplices in the UK. During his interrogation, he said that an amount of over Rs 80,000 was transferred to his friend’s account in Bangalore through Western Union Money Transfer.

Nadeem revealed that he was in touch with one Ershad in London at whose behest he continued to leak sensitive data of 20 HSBC customers in the UK to his co-fraudsters.

He alleged that they used this information to transfer the customers’ money without their knowledge to other unknown accounts.He mentioned about his girlfriend Nikita, who works with the ICICI in the City. “I was advised by my elder brother and Nikita to disassociate myself from the gang but Ershad threatened me that he would reveal my involvement in the data theft to the HSBC and I would lose my job,” Nadeem has reported to have told the CoD.

The job offer trap

Nadeem also reportedly confessed that he got into fraudulent activities because he was “offered a job abroad”. The CoD is shortly going to seek the help of the Interpol to track down the rest of the gangsters in the UK and other places. If necessary Nadeem would be subjected to narco-analysis after seeking permission from the magistrate court.

“There could be serious ramifications aimed at compromising the security of the country. Nadeem has studied only till first year PUC. He has used the BBM marks-sheet of his friend Ateeq, who left for Australia, and faked it as his. He comes from a humble background. He is fluent in English and computer savvy,” said a source in the CoD.

The CoD will seek the custody of Nadeem for a few more days, the sources said. He was produced before an Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court.


Nadeem was trained in cell phone mechanism at Wings Institute of Technology. Was Nadeem inducted into HSBC by a militant organisation with the aim of probing into our financial systems?

How was he tracked down by his accomplices? Who is Ershad and what are his antecedents?

These and many more questions are to be looked into by the CoD, Karnataka with the help of other enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Meanwhile, the HSBC has reportedly told the police that they have paid back the victims of the fraud. Nadeem was apprehended at Netaji Circle, Frazer Town on Tuesday evening. He lives with his brother at Pillana Garden in the City.


Customers’ fears allayed

Mumbai, DHNS:

HSBC has described the stealing of data from its Bangalore office as a “very rare incident”.

The bank, which has filed a case of fraud against the erring employee, has assured its clients that it will take utmost care to ensure that their data will be kept secured. In a statement here, the bank has said it takes its data protection responsibilities very seriously. The bank has operated in India for over 150 years, and employs some 20,000 staff in the country. Just under 6,000 are involved in UK customer-related work.


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