Debdas Banerjee

As I mentioned, when Mano was leaving – people cannot be loyal to companies.  They can just be loyal to the work and to the immediate project and the project leadership.  People are not expected to be loyal to the organisation since the organisation cannot be loyal to each person working under it. 

The feedback I got from Debdas Banerjee – one of my star performers who is leaving the organization tomorrow – is down below.  He would be joining CSC, Noida.  Reason he is leaving is for better growth and pay.

It has been a really pleasant experience working under you for last one year. I have got a lot of support and encouragement from you whenever I required. You are a very friendly and down to earth person. As a result of that it is very easy to approach you regarding any issue. You have an excellent communication skill and you can explain things very clearly. Whenever I have approached you with any request (may be it a training request or cab arrangement for coming on weekend etc) you have taken immediate action to get the work done .I never had to come to you to remind you for anything. You give equal respect to your team members and listen to everyone patiently. Even a new member in the team feels free to speak to you and put forward his ideas.

I find myself fortunate enough to get a lead like you. I will be really missing your association and wish you all the very best.



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