Nepal and the maoists

The attached picture is of my Resource Accounting team members.  All hard workers and a well bonded team (touch wood)!!!

What\’s happening in Nepal now – is truly historical.  As Prachanda  put it – something which may not have ever happened and might never happen.  Here we have a government – which was toppled by a monarchy – because of a third party – \”the maoists\”.  This government – has just re-established itself at the helm of affairs and with the support of the third party.  Now both of them are sitting together and trashing things out for the betterment of Nepal.   The most remarkable thing is the level of confidence which both the parties are exuding in each other.  Did you know that Prachanda came visiting to India and met Prakash Karat and one more member of the Indian Left? And he came visiting on a cycle to their house.  This again was to thrash out an agreement.  How I wish after the troubles of Nepal are fully over – the Nepali maoists help the Indian government reach a mutually conducive agreement with the Indian maoists.  That would be manna for the govt.  The most trouble that the Indian govt. faces is not from the Kashmiri terrorists or LTTE or ULFA or the terrorists from North east – it is from the Maoists as the home ministries of the last two governments have rightfully acknowledged.  What is happening is really good.

On the personal front – I wanted to comment on conflicts and the reason why the occur.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog entry – priorities, fundamental beliefs and dogmas when they do not match with another persons and the actions of each are dictated by their own beliefs – does conflict arise.  Disagreements of belief occur all the time but when \’A\’ person expects \’B\’ person to act in a certain manner – based on the beliefs of A and not on the beliefs of B – does the conflict really personify itself.   Otherwise these conflicts take a discreet shape and do no personify until that point of time.  There are many sub reasons to really aggravate conflicts like authorisation.  When \’A\’ is not authorised to expect \’B\’ to act on the beliefs of \’A\’ – then the personification of the conflict really gets aggravated. 


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