On living life

Okay today the – very versatile Murali Vishwas (team member of Swamy\’s team) sent me this note on living life.  (See my reply also below).

Its my life.
\”And in the end, it\’s not the years in your life that count. It\’s the life in your years.\”Abraham Lincoln
Powerful statement. I read somewhere that, thoughts shape our lives. So ture. Thought is a concept that cascades through every dimention of our lives. Your thoughts shape your reality. A human being can never act in a bigger way than his thoughts. So thinking positively makes life more easier to lead.
I happend to meet this old man in mysore railway station who was sipping coffee. He sparkled the conversation with a smile. \”Good Morning\” he said. I was busy reading an inspirational book, so did not bother to acknowledge him. \”My son open your mind to others not your eyes and ears\” he replied and left. What a statement. That statement made me change completely. It\’s not some esoteric philosophy. It\’s simple logic. We all dream about making money, buying most expensive homes, driving expensive cars, but why we fail? its because we are not open to ideas. Think BIG and you will act BIG. Dress you mind, walk your thoughts and then see the world come alive.
Thoughts are food to our minds. Its that much important to have a proper diet like you do it physically. Mind is like an empty room, fill it with items(thoughts) which is necessary else you will not have space to put the right furniture in a place if you keep collecting things. At the same time there is no boundaries to this. Its like a horizon. The more your expand, the more comfortable you feel. Life is like a taxi meter, it keeps a-ticking whether your are going somewhere (goals) or just standing still. At the end you need to pay the price.
I feel just thoughts are worthless. In simpler terminologies, ideas how big it is, will be like a blind person, unless they are acted upon. Execution is the key to success. Make it a point to do it now. I feel this world is overhelming with great thinkers who have never realized thier potential to core. They just live for the sake of living. There is always time to eat after you reach your goals, there is always time to sleep after death. How do you think CEOs of great organization lead there life? Its simple. Self introspection. They can easily answer the two famous questions, am I doing the right thing? and am I right in doing this thing? Try them. You love there approach. Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Work with open mind. Be open to ideas, thoughts of others. Retrospect and respect it. Lead an Intense Life. Walk your life to fullest. Dream BIG. Reach skies and you will see sunshine brighter than ever. Risk your life, as life is not a dress rehearsal. You get to live your life only once and thats it. Balance your courage and compassion. But the irony in life is that, by the time one realizes the value of life, they will be a part of dust. Its your life. Live up to it. Set the trail for others to follow. Before I end, I just want to quote one statement which my friend made, it goes this way \”Life would have been so beautiful, if we would have written its source code\”. Jumpstart your life, write your own source code.
The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it
To which I replied.

My philosophy is “Live life to the fullest – and live it on your terms.  Define your own ‘fullness’ and get satisfaction living it out.  Life gets dreary a lot of times especially when you get caught in the cycle of job-family-earning-property etc. etc.  Life is not just that.  If you are smart enough – you will do all of that ‘dreary’ stuff and everything ‘else’ which you want to give ‘completion’ to your life.  There are times when the ‘else’ and the ‘dreary’ conflict.  But this is the only ‘one’ life you have – so one needs the balls to decide on what one really needs out of life – the ‘else’ or the ‘dreary’.

 To which he replied:

I agree 100% with your statement. There are times when \”else and dreary\” are in conflict. Perfect.
its up to each to live up to it.  I agree.
And so the conversation came to an end
Okie dokie – the picture attached is from the team outing in Sterling resort.  That\’s me and Sudhakar in the picture.  Sudhakar is the team leader who reports to me.  Well there is this famous song in Tamil which is doing the rounds now – \’Vaana meenukku …..kalyaano\’.  There is this guy with dark glasses in the song who keeps singing the song and another guy who holds the mike to his mouth.  So we were trying to imitate it.  I remember the days in inautix when the \”manmatha rasa\’ song was popular and team members were trying to imitate its steps.  Here in Tamil Nadu – these things are so integral to life.  Its the same case in AP as well – where movie song steps are so closely imitated.  At chandra\’s wedding there was this girl who was imitating Trisha from the movie Varsham (I actually didn\’t like the movie although it was as super duper hit).


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