Dr.Rajkumar aka Dr.Raj aka Annavru

Well my thoughts to Dr. Rajkumar have always been neutral. At times I have been swayed by the rhetoric around him.  But after his death – its just be respect, adoration and reverance.  I\’d been to Bangalore and on the way to my house in Sultanpalya there was a big photo of Dr. Raj. Immediately the words \’Devatha Manushya\’ came to my mind. On approaching the photo closer the words \’Bangarada Manushya\’ were inscribed at the base of the photo.
Indeed its a lingering feeling of reveration which I feel for him. Was reading india uncut blog about Dr.Raj and there were links to his English songs from Shankar Guru and Operation Diamond Raquet.

I don\’t remember the song from Shankar Guru which supposedly goes like this:
Love me or hate me
Kiss me or kill me
Oh darling, please do something to me
Do roo roo roo roo roo roo roo
Do roo roo roo roo roo roo roo
Do roo roo roo roo roo roo roo

I do however remember the song from Operation Diamond Raquet:
If you come today its too early
If you come tomorrow its too late etc.

The visualization was ahead of its time. Although if you see it today you may laugh a bit. But for its time it was a bit ahead. It was shot in the 60s if I\’m right).

There are some memories of Dr.Raj which stand out for me. The one in Bangarada Manushya – because his name is Rajiv in the movie. His first movie Bedara Kanappa I remember because of the youthfulness of Pandari Bai. His father-son double role as Arjuna and his son and that famous battle scene dialogue son (I just forgot the name of the movie). His movies with Lakshmi – one of which she was wearing a real mini skirt (oh mi gosh). Mayuri was remarkable. Huliya haalina mevu (and there is a lesbian scene in which Jayaprada has acted!!!! 😉 was also good. Bhaktha Prahalada was great (I remember this because of the theatre we went to was my first encounter with the escalators and my sister and grandmother refused to board it). And another black and white movie in which you have the song – Yaaru yaaru nee yaaru – yellinda bandeh yaavooru, badukidda janaru illi bararu yaaru etc. (again I don\’t know the name of the movie). Hosa belaku was great particularly the songs : Teredideh maneh ooh ba athithi, hosabelakanu hosa baalnanu and then Ravi neenu aagasadinda marehyaagi hoga and then Hosabelakuuuuuu moodutideh jum jum jum jum jum. His father role movies with Sudha Rani were also good. Aakasmika was ok. His solo song in Jeevana Chaithra – Naadamaya – is simply too great (truly soul stirring). Daari tappida maga was also good and I recall those scenes with Jayamala with a lot of naughtiness.   Kavirathna Kaalidasa with the song in Sanskrit – Vanijya veena upanaalayantheem – was another masterpiece.  Jedara baleh – was also memorable because of Rekha who wore mini skirts, was black and had a bit of a belly.  His devotional movies Bhakta Kanakadasa, Purandaradasa were very memorable indeed.  I remember one movie in which Sreedevi has acted as his younger sister who cooks some rotis on Dr.Raj\’s back – coz there is  a shortage of wood in the house.  Yeradu kanasu was a blockbuster so was Kasturi Nivas and also the movie with Prithvi Raj Kapoor as his son (shucks I forgot the name – but I remember the song: Nee bandu nintaaga nintu nee nakkaga soteh naanaaga.).  The end of the movie leaves you with a lot of melancholy. 

His older ones with Kalpana were also too good (I think it was Naandi – which my grand mother simply adored a real lot).

It was bad that he had all the negative experiences with Veerappan. This was one thing which shouldn\’t have happened to a person of his age and stature.

I don\’t remember too much about his Kannada andolana which he did in 79-80 (obviously I was too young then).

I can write and write a real lot about the great Dr.Raj. But let me end here for now.

The attached photo was shot by me at Sterling resorts during our team outing.


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