Election and option 49o

Elections are on May 8th in TN.  Here are a few of my thoughts on the same.

Lok Paritran – is a new party – composed of IIT and IIM grads and young people who have achieved something in life already.  They aren\’t promising anything except that they will make the democratic institutions work the way they are supposed to work.  Pretty kewl eh!!!

Also there is this option 49(o) in the voting sheet.  Here is a small write up on it:

There is a section called 49O, using which you can say YOU DON’T FIND any of the candidates contesting in elections is good enough to vote. Not to vote, giving the reason that you don’t feel any candidate is good, is not advisable. Instead you can register under this 49O. There is a lack of awareness of this 49O amongst voters.


If the majority of people opt for 49O, then there will be a re-election and all the candidates who contested in the previous election will not be able to contest again.

 Again pretty interesting.

Here in the organisation we are expecting our promotions to be announced.  It might happen today or even next week.  Later the pay hikes are also very much anticipated.  Lets c what happens.

Attached is a photo of a sunset which was shot by someone.  Got it from BBC site.  It reminds me of a similar shot i had shot when I was in Melbourne, Australia.


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