Gospel of Judas

I would call it a very significant finding.  They finally were able to lay their hands on the Gospel of Judas before it finally disappeared to the vissititudes of time.  Check out this link:


Was Judas a traitor or did he simply do what he was told to do.  Was he the only one who was told the true meaning of Jesus Christs’ teaching.  There are so many versions.  Mary Magdaline – was she the chosen one or was it Peter or was it John or was it Judas.  Who knew the true meaning of his teaching.  What happened to the Gnostic teachings? So many unanswered questions.  Perhaps as someone said “History speaks the story of those who were victorious in it and not those who lost out”.  We perhaps may realize the true teachings of Jesus Christ – or if we are unfortunate – we may never see it at all.

Medha Patkar seems to be recovering now and three union ministers have left for MP to assess the actual rehabilitation effort.   Lets hope the people are properly rehabilitated and things are not left unfinished and undone.  The Narmada Bachao Andalon has been going on for way too long and it better be resolved this time. 

The stock market has crashed to 11,500.  I should say that it is a good thing.  Its been going up for way too long.  Today itself the market saw a movement of 400 points.  Wish it comes down further and it turns into a bear market for sometime.  Its been a bull market for way too long – which is not a good thing.



2 thoughts on “Gospel of Judas

  1. Recently i read Da vinci code, very popular and contravercial book by Dan Brown. I enjoyed it and recommend everybody who likes fast paced thriller.
    The other important things I learnt was the various beliefs and cults present within Christian community. I would not claim what is written in the book is correct because I am ignorant about these aspects and cannot make my judgment. What is interesting is there is so much controversies or conflicting beliefs about Christ, Lady Magdale and the priory of scion, I was completely ignorant of and some of the practices of scion shocked me.
    The book claims that the Christ was married and the entire thing is documented and preserved for eternity.
    The book would make an interesting reading, if u r not a strict catholic and very religious and feel hurt when the author contradicts the popular belief.
    What i feel his when it comes to religion we cannot say with certainity what is correct or wrong every sect has its own resoning to support their belief i think the World should leave the matter their.

  2. Hemu – every major religion has a very interesting history on how they split into sub-branches, the sects etc. It is more like History. Always remember History is defined from the perspective of the victor and never the loser. So out there Judas was the loser and it is only thru chance that we have got to read the Gospel of Judas. Otherwise if we had not found it we would have forever condemned him as the traitor. But we can never say what the truth is. It could be that Judas was really the traitor and to mask it he said that “Jesus himself told Judas to hand him over to the autorities”. Religion has two faces to it – one the historical one and the other one which truly helps man to improve his day to day life. I feel that we need not be worried about which religion is right or wrong. Just pick and choose aspects of religion which would help improve your life and don’t bother about the rest. Some people prefer rituals and some don’t. So it just depends on you individually. Also respect others for whatever beliefs they have without commenting adversely on any.

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