Political system

Was reading this article y’day about the poverty in Cameroun and how it continues to get poorer.  It read like a classic case study of a banana republic with a corrupt dictator at its helm – and nothing changing for decades.  It talked about ‘institutions’ and their importance in ensuring democracy goes on the right track.  But again – like countries, institutions are also a higher representation of a group of people.  So it becomes all the more necessary to have strong institutions – which will not stray course themself – but which will have the balls to take on the wrongs of society. 

Socialism gave birth to communism – which turned out to be a failed experiment.  Capitalism too did not come up with solid answers.  Do we have the ideal political system – which will deliver the goods?  We have not yet evolved – and already there are the pundits who draw comparisons to the failed Mayan and Roman civilizations and the direction we are going in.   Are we a collapsing civilization – or are we a maturing civilization who learn from the mistakes of other failures – and go forward in the right direction for the prosperity of everyone.

On the personal front – things are a tad boring.  Work isn’t interesting anymore.   Its the same routine of co-ordinating the team of 21.   Don’t see too many challenges in the existing context.  RFPs are so few and far to come and estimations just don’t seem to be happening.  Explored so many process improvements in the past 1.5 yrs here.  Implemented time management(bulktimesheet time model), review management(the delivery and defect control which we do weekly), quality enforcement(same stuff), communications workflow(communications portal), knowledge management (know. repo site, videos, induction manuals).  Well I cant seem to think of anything else.  Even explored resource reclamation – without much success.  Have been surfing the best practices site for the past few days and things out there are a repitition of relevant stuff (which I’ve already tried) – or irrelevant stuff which doesn’t belong to our technology and context.  I haven’t finished surfing the site yet.  Maybe I may encounter some interesting stuff ahead.

Actually on second thoughts resource reclamation – if done well – gives a lot of satisfaction (as my previous experience in ANZ-IT on the segmentation project taught me).  We did start off in the RA project on some kinda resource reclamation – but it didn’t go too far. 

Maybe the next step for me is to take technical sessions for my team on some elevated concepts of mainframe resource reclamation.  Have some material – maybe I can do some more research and come up with a white paper.  Yes Image !!! that’s the next idea to keep me motivated!!!! Rajiv you are just great!!!!ImageImage


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