India and China – same problems

same problems …………….but no solutions.  What problems am I referring to? In China there have been 87,000 peasant protests against various injustices in different provinces in 2005.  Was reading the time magazine and looks like the central leadership has little control over what happens in the provinces.  The provinces frame their own rules, laws and do things the way they want.  Not that we don\’t have it in India – we too have our states which pursue their progress, prosperity in their own manner – but under a very organized constitution and under defined strictures. 

However the problems remain and politik with administration keeps evolving.  Corruption and mismanagement of public funds seems to be the biggest bane.  While China has its peasant protests – we have our own Naxalite movement.  And the naxalite movement is a much bigger threat to the fabric of the Indian nation than even the external threats.  And they are entirely indigenous without little external help.  The Naxalite problem stems from lack of progress, injustices and disparities in resource sharing and distribution.   Socialism of China has not worked and neither has the democratic model of India worked in reaching out judiciously the benefits of progress.  We are evolving and we still don\’t have that perfect model which will reach out to them.  In this context I recall Mahatma Gandhi\’s model of village centered development.  I really don\’t know the feasibility of its implementation.  We keep getting various schemes announced by consequent governments – but the benefits remain to be seen.  The present government has come up with some schemes – to bring in some real progress.  But it remains to be seen as to what happens on the ground. 

I have attached a photo of a father and daughter near the river in Dubare, Karnataka.  The colour photo was no good.  The black-and-white one was very nice and I have included it here.


ನಿಮ್ಮದೊಂದು ಉತ್ತರ

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