The new Cold War

Was just reading an article on the Frontline online edition.


Clearly if the article claims are true – the new cold war is already in place.  The rules of the game are different though.  Its engagement rather than direct detente.  The business engagement wise – the Chinese seem to be doing better.  Military wise also China is EXPANDING.  The navy is already a blue water navy and they have built successful relations with not just India – but with so many countries around itself.  India is being engaged by both the US and China.  The US approach is more direct and as for China – they want India to be a non-interfering \’pardner\’ in any of their conflicts. 

If there was a conflict of US and China the most direct to be hit would be Taiwan.  It would be a sad state of affairs then.

I am not sure what the future is going to be like.  But India and China will be a lot more bigger economically by 2010.  They are closing a lot of loopholes especially focussing on rural resurgence.  2020 would be a different year and I don\’t know where we would be by then.  Iraq is done and so is Afghanistan (although in a big mess!!!).  Iran remains.  .  So newer conflicts are emerging.  The biggest would certainly be a US-China direct conflict.  I am not sure what the outcome would be like – but the conflict would definitely suck-in India into it – as its too close to home.

I remember reading a Nostradamus prediction of a Sino-arab alliance against the rest of the world led by the US and the third world war.  Don\’t know if I will see it or not.  Don\’t know wether Dalai Lama would get to see a Free Tibet.  Don\’t know if the Taiwanese democratic ideologies would be spread across the whold of China. 

Worries me a lot as it is very close home.  It takes me back to my thoughts of the concept of \’permanent earning assets\’.   These – no matter what the context – will ensure a decent level of earning and comfort.

Attached is a picture of the Chinese army in Tianshan mountain in China\’s Xinjiang, in December 2004. 

Was reading about Genghis Khan and the Mongol pride recently.  Was wondering how far we have come since the times of the great Khan.  Where would we be in 2100.  Its 2006 now and I\’m already 28 – taking another 50 years of living where would I be and what would I be doing in 2050.  The present context is rosy – but what of the future.  Don\’t know how long this economic boomtime would last.




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