Living in India

This piece is a predominantly pessimistic piece.  At times I am proud to be an Indian and at times I am not proud at all.  Today is one of those days when I am not so proud.  I also talk about being a \’world citizen\’  here.  Also included is a photo of some dance girls from the last century (nautch kudi dil naatch naatch!!! .  Got it from the BBC site.

Here goes my cribbing:

Living in India.

Its so disappointing at times.  Was reading through the newspaper and a couple of them – put me off!!! The first thing was the acquittal of all accused in the Jessica Lall murder.  Manu Sharma the prime accused managed to wriggle himself out of it.  Typical Hindi movie style I guess.  Its disgusting.  Reminds me of Viruddh and what the family goes through to get justice.  It was sad reading the interview with her sister.

The second piece was the retirement of Nisha Millet from competitive swimming.  The reason she gave was the lack of support from the Sports Authority of India and the government to her and the injustice meted out to her sister.  It was a really sad piece and simply showed that even after all these years of repeated political bullshitting of improving the sports situation in India – things are just where they were.  And we have so many countries around us who keep galloping ahead of us at break-neck speeds when it comes to sport. 

The recent submarine scam too!!! I really am not surprised that a significant proportion of the crowd (not the majority though) – including myself have no sense of patriotism.  I always recall my first PUC english lecturer – Pradeep Sebastian who kept saying that we need to live like a world citizen.  The concepts of Indian, Paki, Chinese are very relative and really don\’t stand much ground.  Be tolerant to all cultures, appreciate them – but hold on steadfastly to your own culture, your language and your values.  That\’s what I believe.  We need to preserve our culture defined by language, food, values etc. and propogate it to our children.  However we should never impose our culture on others and should always appreciate them for what they are.  We can add on the good things of other cultural traits to our own – but never when it means that other cultural traits override our own.  It should never be that we lose our own identity.  Beyond this – I really don\’t  believe in too much of being a patriotic.  However that doesn\’t stop me from closely seeing things happening around me.


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