I Robot

V.I.K.I – you rock.  Sonny – you too!!! Sonny is undeniably THE HERO of the movie and VIKI – the villian.  Apart from the way these two have been depicted – the others in the movie have given a good performance.  The storyline is very good.  I liked the terminal scenes and my climax of the movie – is when VIKI’s villiany comes to the fore.  Sonny’s dialogues are simply awesome.

It reminds of Spielbergs – A.I. – which on a similar vein was a moving piece. 

On the political front – what is enfolding in Karnataka – is what we expected of Deve Gowda.  Family – sons – personal gains – and nothing else.  What more can we expected of the sucker!!! Although being a Gowda myself – Deve Gowda is the nader of our community.   He has all but destroyed the Janata Dal party in Karnataka.  The Janata Dal party is a pale comparison of what it was earlier.   The BJP have made deeper in roads.  If there was an election – the only parties which would gain would be the Congress and the BJP.  Janata Dal will certainly lose.  They will not be foolish enough to allow for a mid-term poll. 

The Congress plot of allowing Quattarochi to encash his money – simply makes it painful to believe. Why did they allow it to happen? They very clearly knew about the implications.  It makes me feel bad for the Congress – whom I had always trusted.  And today’s news is that Quattarochi withdrew the money from the unfrozen accounts.  So much for his innocence.  If he claimed to innocence – then he should not have withdrawn the money.  On this count I will certainly support the Left and the BJP.  The Congress is awfully wrong. 

Also Sonia Gandhi’s call to avoid sycophancy at the H’bad meet – is commendable and Rahul Gandhi needs time to mature as a politician before he can come up.  The push he is getting to go up – is not good. 


One thought on “I Robot

  1. Apart from corruption, the second most important thing that is hindering India’s progress in Nehru family legacy. I remember when Priyanka Gandhi delivered a baby the following day newspapers reported that the future Prime Minister is born. It is pity that congress, which has a rich history and produced great leaders, thinks that the only way it can come to power is through Nehru family legacy. It is a sad that congress finds itself in such a pity state. Whatever good Nehru family did to the country before independence is undone by Nehru’s act of promoting his own legacy.
    Congress as a party begins and ends with Sonia Gandhi today. The recent call by the party workers to bring Rahul Gandhi to the main stream is actually I believe is the secret ambition of Sonia Gandhi and the party workers simply are giving wings to her secret desire.
    It seems that same goes true to Deve Gowda’s family. Deve Gowda is the supreme commander of JD, It is hard to trust that his son has joined hands with BJP against his wishes. According to the recent editorial in Deccan Chronicle, the popularity of congress is at its lowest in Karnataka today. If at all there is an election JD & BJP are going to benefit at the cost of congress whether their popularity brings them to power by their own strength without coalition is to be seen.
    I watched ‘Pati Patni and Woh’. It is the story of a Librarian Rajesh Shukla ( The best in Lucknow city) and how his life turns upside down when he marries a girl who is beautiful and much taller than him.
    Rajesh Shukla believes that he is too old for marriage but gets bowled over by her beauty. When his mama forces him to meet her he just does that for formality sake but when the girls says yes to him he is surprised and could not say no.
    The fun begins when her old classmate ‘Akash’ come the University guesthouse which is just opposite to their house. There are three songs which are good and hum able.
    I read a Book called ‘Paradise’ by Kushwant Singh, a collection of 5 short stories by the author. I liked particularly the story of Zora Singh, a clever and shrewd engineer in PWD. He makes lots of money by taking bribes and is close to the Minister. It is the story of how Zora Singh silences his detractors by winning Bharat Ratna. The story cleverly tells how Government works in our country. The other stories are also quite good.

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