Hemu aka Hemanth asked me this question about the M-A-T-R-I-X:

wheather the

humans were controlled by machines? Who created

Matrix? Humans or Machines?

Here goes my answer:

Morpheus tells Neo that currently 95% of humans are controlled by Machines.  Earlier it was not like that.  The humans used to create machines for everything and as the machines became more an more intelligent – there came a tipping point where the machines overtook humans.  There was a war in which humans lost and the machines took control.  After that they started exploiting humans.  The 95% humans are all in sleep-dream state and the machines are directly connected into their brain and all the brains are interconnected so the humans are living in a  mind world. They all believe that they are living their lives in a usual fashion of eating, sleeping, walking, talking etc. – whereas in reality the machine is simulating all that for the people and the people are living through this simulation in their mind where they think they are doing all this.  Their nourishment is also directly fed into their body by the machines which have various connections into the bodies.  There are fields and fields of such sleeping bodies.

Also the machines meet their energy needs by tapping into the bio-energy of human foetusus which is very cruel. 

However there are 5% of free humans who have escaped from the machines clutches and who have woken from the sleep and have disconnected the wires and have met and ganged up with other free humans.  Also there is another category of free humans – who were born free and who were never connected to the machines or are from the time of the war and who escaped from being captured.

The Matrix is the world of machines and humans in which the machines rule and humans serve. 

There is another place known as the Machine city which does not have any humans but has only Machines.  This is ruled by THE ONE.  The One is the supreme machine intelligence.  It is like the god of the machines.  There are cables which connect the Machine City to the Matrix city and all controls and instructions come from there.  In Part III – Matrix Revolutions Neo meets THE ONE and they come to an agreement.  It is in Part III that Neo realizes that the machine world is way too powerful for them to destroy it and next option is that the machines and humans have to peacefully coexist. 

The matrix world has two important programs (you will see them as humans) who operate the Matrix world.  One is the architect program and the other is the Oracle program.  The architect programs main function is to improve the efficiency of the Matrix world by removing imperfect programs and also destroying humans who are by nature imperfect.  He operates on pure mathematics and equations and his job is to balance equations.  The oracle program supports humans and wants humans and machines to peacefully coexist.  The humans who are free and who want to defeat the machines – once in a while enter the matrix by connecting to it and they come and meet the oracle program and see what she wants to tell about the future and how it will go.  The oracle program in Part I is the old lady whom Morpheus and Neo come to meet.  She gives him a biscuit.

There are agent programs which are seek all humans who enter the matrix and try to destroy them.  They are like anti-virus programs.  Now if the human is connected to the matrix it means he connects his brain to the matrix and gets in.  So once he is in it and if he gets killed in that virtual world – he dies in the real world also.  So the humans have to be careful when they get into the matrix. 

Hemu comments are very welcome. 



One thought on “Matrix

  1. All these days i was watching only for the sake of action sequences in it … only now i understand the story more clear…what about yu hemu….by the way Rajiv i think this thing (blog) is really good. I came across one or two recently. What i like about it is freedom of expression.

    thats it from me

    happy blogging


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