New Year 2006

The year seems to have its own share of health problems on me.  Travelling thru OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road aka IT SuperHighway!!!!) seems such a bane.  The dust storms raked up by buses and other four wheelers are quite bothersome.  Everynight I get wheezing at home due to passing through the dust.  These days I’m sheilding myself with a kerchief inside my helmet.  But that again doesn’t seem to be so effective. 

Bangalore has its own share of traffic woes.  Chennai is much better on that count.  Also the road maintenance by Onyx and the city corporation here is good.  But nothing of that seems to be happening on OMR.  Looks like the AZRB has taken complete ownership for OMR and the dust storms are here to stay for another year.  The estimate they had given was of end 2006 for the completion of OMR.  But I reckon it would take them well into mid 2007 for things to complete in right earnest.  Work had stopped for a month or more than that and seems to have resumed now.

Also the state is in an election mood now with the upcoming Assembly elections.  Jaya-amma seems to have endeared herself to one and all and I expect her to come up trumps.  She has matured a lot and is not longer the supermely egoistic, me and me only kinda person she was earlier.  Also her last stunt of pulling down the Vajpayee government didn’t go well with any party.  The Congress also choose not to ally with her last time. 

Recently I visited this website and it gave a good glimpse into the interiors of the Raj Bhavan here in Chennai as also the one in Ooty. 

Speaking of Ooty – I guess there should be another reorganisation of states which should be done.  The small pockets of towns, village which were not properly accounted for in the last reorg should be done now.  The small Marathi pockets in Belgaum should go to Maharashtra, the pockets of towns and villages around Kasargod should come to Karnataka.  This will set right a lot of imbalances around the country and will hopefully set at ease a lot of expectations and anxieties.  Or for all you know it could open a huge Pandoras chest.

Ariel Sharon went into coma and that is a serious setback to the peace process.  I hope things improve.  The Indo-Pak peace process is also going through a bad phase with the IISc shootings, the Baloch problem etc.  I reckon India should have kept its gob shut on the Baloch issue.  It was unwarranted.  Also we keep reading so many people (muslims) being arrested from various parts of south India – related to the IISc shootings.  And they keep saying these are L-e-T militants.  I wonder how much of it is true.  Are they really militants or are the police looking for someone to make scapegoats out of.  Image of ‘Maachis’ keep coming when I speak of it.  I was reading of a devout Muslim who was working in Saudi – who was targeted because he was an active Muslim involved in a lot of benevolent activities.

That’s it for now.


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