Entry for December 30, 2005

The incidents doing the rounds these days are the rape and murder of Pratibha – the BPO employee of HP and of course the terrorist attack on the IISc campus.

First Pratibha’s murder is unreservedly deplorable.  But I don’t think its going to make much of a difference to the hazaar BPOs running all over the country.  Some of them make take some steps – but to expect the whole industry to act in cohesion – to seriously address this issue – is too much to ask for.  One of the unions has rightfully said – the BPO industry behaves like ‘garbage in – garbage out’.  Yes some of them try to improve the employee morale and do things.  But overall there should be some serious guidelines drawn by Kiran Karnik and India Inc – which has to be followed by everyone.  NASSCOM has to pull up its garters and get into the act.

The attack on IISc – was waiting to happen – as someone rightfully mentioned.  IISc security has always been lax.  Its pretty easy getting in there – even for me.  The following are the pointers that IISc should have already paid heed to.

1. Post Babri Masjid – when Hindu fundamentalists targetted some scientists – and threatened some of them in IISc.

2. The Mathikere shooting down of Hizbul Mujaheedin militants.

3. The tibetan protestor who put up a banner on a tree when Hu Jintao was around.  This was most shocking.

4. The fact that the Government had warned the IISc admin that it was on teh radar of ISI.

5. The attack on SERC website.

Well they don’t seem to have learnt their lessons.  Besides this attack would have been a much worse carnage if the attacker had got into the hall and shot down many more scientists.  It would have been much more gruesome.  Clearly this incident was to create a scare situation in the country.  Also the series of hoaxes that are currently doing the round is particularly aimed at setting in security force fatigue.  Wonder where things are going.

Here the office environment is really colourful today with many teams competing to make their cubicles the most colourful – with ribbons, baloons etc. Truly ‘Celebrating Work’.


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